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our story

Thomas Marnin and Skye Saylor graduated from university, somewhere in the high Rocky Mountains, long ago during the financial meltdown. With no big plans in mind, they both stretched their legs and moved out west to the Emerald City of Seattle. Small-towners though they were, they soon cultivated an understanding of this tech mecca and found themselves able to brave the heavy rain and high rent. A year or so later the pair noticed that their friendship of many years was beginning to grow into something more. They decided to give it a go as a couple, and have been creating and adventuring as MarninSaylor ever since.

In 2012, Skye made the very first Donut Cat. She had been designing and making toys for friends for many years, and after absentmindedly doodling a Donut Cat she wanted to see if she could successfully assemble one out of fabric. That very first Donut Cat, created on a whim, was crudely made and not nearly as cute as its modern-day descendants. But it nevertheless found a place within people’s hearts and before they knew it, Thomas and Skye were making more of the funny felines for friends and family queueing up with money in hand.

The following year they exhibited at their first craft show, were juried into Pike Place Market, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today we peddle plush and propagate the idea that handmade is always best. The Donut Cat remains a pillar of our brand as we dream up new and exciting designs, and you can adopt them here or in person at Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market!


Our Team


thomas marnin

Art was a constant for Thomas throughout his many childhood moves, and he has been entertaining himself with creative pursuits ever since. He is a jack-of-all-trades; equally competent in the digital space and the physical, just as likely to be drawing a Honey Bun as stitching up a fresh one. You’ll often see Thomas at our booth at Pike Place Market, sporting his signature pink bowtie and soda jerk hat.

Skye 1.JPG

skye saylor

Skye has been creating for as long as she can remember. As a kid she roamed the wilds of western Wyoming, and made her own fun with pencil and paper or stick and rock. Today she is the creative force behind MarninSaylor - maker of the first Donut Cat, dreamer-upper of Pastry Pets past and those yet to be, and the captain of all things operational and visionary here at MarninSaylor HQ.


rant casey

Rant: a photographer, stitcher, and sometimes-model, a hard worker, a hand-sewer, an all-around fun pal and MarninSaylor’s resident ‘spooky nerd’. If there’s a project that needs doing, it’s likely that Rant has the creative and practical expertise to make it happen. Here in the studio they keep the production line churning along, helping to make everything from toys to tote bags.


adrienne myers

Adrienne is a lifelong learner with a passion for knowledge most people have forgotten. Want to know how to make a (insert historical era here) gown, complete with period-correct sewing, dying, and textile milling techniques? Adrienne is your gal. Here at MarninSaylor she brings her extensive fabric arts knowledge to (Eclair) bear, making the highest-quality items in the most efficient ways possible.


ocean tout

Ocean’s dad taught them to sew when they were just a young’un, and they’ve been crafting creations of all kinds since then. Today Ocean is MarninSaylor’s newest employee and is learning all about the ins and outs of Pastry Pet production. When they’re not in the studio they can usually be found behind a camera or caring for their two cats and many houseplants.

why buy handmade?

combat the social cost of globalization

We are committed to making our products right here in our Seattle studio. Currently we hand-make every single item we sell, with the exception of our enamel pins. There are no factory dorms here, no punishing hours, no unfair compensation. Our team works together, face-to-face, every day. We care about one another and realize that our value as human beings isn’t just the sum of our productivity.

rally against the environmental cost of loosely regulated factory production

Most mass-produced items are made in developing countries with lax environmental standards, and this can wreak serious havoc on fragile ecosystems. As US-based makers, we are bound by much stricter regulation. Within our company, we try to make our environmental impact as small as possible by sourcing from US suppliers and recycling our by-products. For example, we donate all of our fabric scraps to a company which turns them into filler for seat cushions!

support & connect with people who care about their products & their customers

When you order something from a large company, to whom does your money go? Who are the people that designed the product? That physically made it? Who packaged and shipped it to you? The product exists in a vacuum, devoid of any human context or connection. When you shop handmade, you know exactly who you’re supporting with your dollar. A real person with a face, a name, and a story. A person who has poured their heart and soul into their business. A person who will always be glad to see you again!


we believe that handmade goods are more
than just physical objects,
& Purchasing them is more than a transaction.

When you buy handmade you’re choosing to support real people &
values that matter.

You’re recognizing that every manmade item has a story which stretches far
beyond the instant that item hits your hands.

We can each make choices everyday to positively impact our world.

purchasing a handmade item from a small business truly makes a difference!