When can i find you at Pike Place Market?

We are usually at the market Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from 10:00ish to 5:00ish.
Our days can change if we need an extra studio day to restock, so please follow us on Facebook or Insta for daily updates about schedule changes and more!

where in the market are you located?

We always set up our booth at the north end of the main market arcade, right across the street from the first Starbucks.

are all of your products available at the market?

No, there are some products we do not sell at Pike Place. They can be found in our web exclusives section.

is there anything you make that isn’t available online?

Nope, every product currently available is here on the website for easy adoption!

can you hold an item for me to pick up at the market?

Sure! Please write us via our contact form and let us know which items you’re interested in and what day you’d like to pick them up.

can i order online and pick up my order at the market?

Yes. Please write us via our contact form before you order, and we’ll send you a code to remove the shipping cost.

can i visit your studio?

Of course, we’d be happy to show you around! You can find more info about our studio and scheduling visits here.

can i purchase items at your studio?

Generally not, as we take almost all of our finished products directly to the market or ship them out for orders.
If you are planning a studio visit and would like us to have an item available for you, please let us know ahead of time via our contact form.

do you accept custom orders?

No. Our production schedule is already very full!

can i send you snail mail?

We love receiving fan mail! Please write to us at: MarninSaylor, 3100 Airport Way S., Box 89, Seattle, WA 98134