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Our Story

Once long ago during the financial melt-down, Thomas Marnin and Skye Saylor graduated from university. They stretched their legs, brushed the dust off their old lives, and moved out west to the Emerald City of Seattle. Small-towners though they were, they cultivated an understanding of the tech mecca and found themselves able to brave the heavy rain and high rent. With precious time to spare they began to create, and MarninSaylor was launched in the fall of 2012 as an avenue to peddle plush and propagate the idea that handmade is always best.

The Donut Cat was our very first product and remains a pillar of our brand as we dream up new and exciting designs. Today we offer a variety of products and sell both online as well as almost daily in Seattle's historic Pike Place Market.

Our mission - create uncommon objects to inspire joy and wonder, while emphasizing craftsmanship, ethical practices, and memorable experiences.