The flagship marninsaylor store is coming soon!

In 2012 we started MarninSaylor in a basement bedroom with $800 - all of the extra money we had. Since then we’ve used our resourcefulness, creativity, and grit to bring our business to where it is now. We’ve never taken a bank loan. We’ve never asked our family members to contribute to our business. We’ve taken small loans from a few friends only in times of need. It’s been a rewarding, but challenging, road. Today we are proud to say that we have our own production studio, two incredible employees, thousands of loyal fans, an excellent reputation, and high hopes for the future.

In our minds, the next step has always been to build our own permanent retail location at Pike Place. Stepping into a storefront from our market booth will open many possibilities for us. As daystall booth vendors, we are limited in how many production employees we can have. If we open our own store, we’ll be free to hire as many employees as we need and no longer suffer production bottlenecks. At our booth we are only allowed to sell items we make in our studio. In our store we could sell items we have manufactured elsewhere (like our enamel pins, phone grips, and apparel!), freeing us up from the endless cycle of production on time-consuming and labor-intensive products. And perhaps most importantly, having a store will allow us to fully immerse our customers into the joyful and positive world of our brand. We can finally create the bubble of happiness and excitement that we’ve only been able to hint at within the confines of our daystall booth.

In November the booth will be no more. Instead you’ll be able to find us, the Pastry Pets, and more goodies than ever before on the first Down Under level of Pike Place Market (directly next door to the magic shop)! This is a dream come true for us. It’s what we’ve always wanted ever since we started at the market nearly six years ago!

We need your help! We are on a tight timeframe and a tiny budget, and as with all things MarninSaylor this is going to be a very DIY process. We can’t afford to hire designers and builders to make our space what we want it to be: we’ve got to figure it out for ourselves.

On October 1st we will be launching an Indiegogo campaign. Any money raised will go directly towards building out the store, hiring another production helper, and packing the shop to the rafters with the Pastry Pet products of your dreams.

Today we are poised on the edge of greatness. If our community rallies behind us, we know we can use the resources given to us with efficiency and effectiveness. With your help, we can build the storefront of our dreams. We can hire more employees and create jobs in our local economy. We can become a Pike Place destination on par with Starbucks, Beecher’s, and ‘the guys who throw the fish’. Join us on our biggest adventure yet! We would love to have you along for the ride!

ready to help build our first ever brick and mortar store?

Our Indiegogo campaign will be live during the month of October at:

If you’d prefer to donate outside of Indiegogo, you can do so at anytime through the following channels:

Mail a check
MarninSaylor, LLC
3100 Airport Way S.
Box 89
Seattle, WA 98134

Use Venmo
You can send money without fees through the Venmo app. Our Venmo handle is @thomas-marnin

Send money from your bank account through Zelle
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