Mini Cinnamon Bun

Mini Cinnamon Bun


A fresh, hot cinnamon bun - the ultimate comfort food; and a warm, cozy bunny nestled down for a nap - the ultimate comfort animal! Our Mini Cinnamon Buns are the best of both with fuzzy noses, perky tails, and a hand-stitched cinnamon swirl on their little glazed bellies. Each Bun is approximately 4” across and 5.5” tall at the tips of their ears. Adopt one or a whole fluffle (yes, that’s the word for a group of rabbits!) to add to your Pastry Pet™ family.

Made from fleece and eco-fi felt. Machine and hand sewn. Recommended for ages 3 and up.

Expect 1-3 business days' lead time before shipment.

Complete your Mini Cinnamon Bun ownership experience with our Travel Tote and Owners Club Set