The Poor Patron - Open Mic Nite by Angelo Salgado

The Poor Patron - Open Mic Nite by Angelo Salgado


The Poor Patron is a project meant to loosen the everyday strictures of the client/artist relationship. The artist is welcomed to create work based on any MarninSaylor themes or imagery with no creative input, due within a "when it's done" deadline.

We are pleased to offer prints of our Poor Patron collaborations. This is the ninth in the series, titled Open Mic Nite by Seattle designer Angelo Salgado. This poster shows a rarity in the Pastry Pet™ world - a dejected Donut Cat - as it attempts to unburden its heavy heart through song.

This art is printed on high-quality, heavyweight, matte, archival paper, and measures 13"x19". Sold unframed, shipped rolled. Half the proceeds from the sale of these prints go directly to the artist.

Be sure to read our interview with Angelo below.


Every day, we see thousands of people streaming by our booth at Pike Place Market. An unknowable quantity of humanity moving and talking, pointing and chewing. Our stand creates a bubble of cuteness for cute lovers, and a surreal cloud for everyone else. "Kawaiiiiiiii!" is squeaked at the Donut Cats as hands cover mouths and eyes light up with smiles. We definitely draw in our crowd. Though, it does take a bit of bravery to accept something unknown and unusual; to unabashedly 'like'. This is how we met Angelo. He found us at Pike Place and we began talking. He is a graphic designer, just like us. He is interested in toys, just like us. He is young and hardworking, just like us (minus the young part). He was the perfect fit for our poster project!

What made you want to become a designer?

I was in business school and realized I really had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t enjoy most of my classes, except the marketing classes, and found myself being drawn to the more creative roles in group projects. I also found myself drawing a lot in my readers and textbooks on the side to pass the time away. I drew stuff that I grew up drawing, like Pokémon, anthropomorphized food, and circles…I drew a lot of circles. My girlfriend is a designer and noticed my drawings and tried painting them digitally. I was blown away and had this strong feeling that I could do it too. I started experimenting with Photoshop and Illustrator and started making characters. I remember my first illustration was a group of rag tag friends I called “The Kneeglects” who were made up of a stank sock, a used q-tip cotton swab and a robot that looked like me. I was immediately hooked and spent most of my nights studying and learning everything I could about design.

I attended this workshop at the School of Visual Concepts where Don and Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature were speaking and showing some of their work. They were doing some dope stuff with Illustrations, poster design, packaging and toy design. Just super free and fun designs. You could tell they loved what they were doing, and after seeing them I felt energized and excited to start my new journey. That experience played a huge part in my development into the type of designer I wanted to be.

Some of your work has a looser, hand-drawn style and some is a more clean vector style. Do you find yourself leaning in one direction? Do you have a sense of what the future of your design will look like?

That’s a great question. I started off learning a clean vector style of design. I wanted everything symmetrical and perfect. Nowadays I’ve been studying different artists and illustrators like Amanda VisellLydia Nichols and Pascal Campion. Their pieces all use more organic materials and those rough bits show so much more emotion. I’ve been experimenting with more rough and free styles that use hand-drawn elements and materials, and I’ve been really happy with the results.

I have no idea what the future of my design work will look like. I keep finding new interests and I’m constantly learning as much as I can from friends, movies, books and different artists. Right now I’m studying more traditional drawing methods. To be honest, I love the idea that I have no idea where my style is going. I would hate doing the same thing the whole time.

What inspires you outside of design?

Vinyl toys, hip hop, Shabazz Palaces, Bambu, Jon Bellion, Steven Universe, donuts, the youth, and my friends and family that are doing their thing right now. Just being alive and getting to experience this life is inspiring to me.

You recently finished school. Any words of wisdom you can impart to the next batch of graduates?

Honestly, just keep striving to find your passions and make those a priority in life. Learn as much as you can from school, your peers and teachers, and give back. Someone once told me there is more to life than the classroom.

What song is that Donut Cat singing at open mic?

Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding

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