Mandala Cat by Hannah Fisher

Mandala Cat by Hannah Fisher


The Poor Patron is a project meant to loosen the everyday strictures of the client/artist relationship. The artist is welcomed to create work based on any MarninSaylor themes or imagery with no creative input, due within a "when it's done" deadline.

We are pleased to offer prints of our Poor Patron collaborations. This is the eighth in the series, titled Mandala Cat by Seattle comic artist Hannah Fisher. This poster is a cosmic rendition of the interconnectedness of Donut Cats and all other lifeforms.

This art is printed on high-quality, heavyweight, archival paper, and measures 13"x19". Sold unframed, shipped rolled. Half the proceeds from the sale of these prints go directly to the artist.

Be sure to read our interview with Hannah below.


Each craft fair holds a great many personal meanings. The yolk of one’s hopes spread across a table to be nurtured or scrambled by the passersby. Some tables yearn for acceptance, or money. Others possess a passive confidence arising from full-on office life ennui. Whatever the case, walking through and talking to attendees is a great joy of mine. I love sharing time with like-minded makers and discussing the finer points of translating a dream into a dollar. During one of these perusings I came across Hannah Fisher and her zines. Her work is often funny, occasionally touching, and a little gutsy, too.

What got you into making comics? Did they come before or after you started working as a designer?

I have always loved comics – I love writing, drawing, and laughing, so they have always been a natural fit for me! When it comes to design, it isn't really that different: solving problems, thinking analytically, and doing beautiful work are staples of both. I enjoy the challenges of designing and testing user experiences, but also really crave the fluidity of storytelling and illustration. So I spend the day doing UX/UI work, and come home and write and draw in the evening - it's a great balance.

What is the comic/craft fair community like?

It's actually my favorite part of creating comics! It's pretty unique to be able to share your work and watch it affect someone - a lot of the time, people pick up my comics and read them at my table, and I get to see their reaction. Mostly people laugh, get grossed out, or ask questions about my fart comic. As for the community, the comics crowd is so friendly and easy-going! It's great to meet other people and get inspired by new work and make friends with people who share your interests.

Who are some local artists you admire?

Maré Odomo – introspective comics and a really nice guy. Michael Heck – comics and cool patches and stickers and shirts and everything. Gerald Brom – my first art crush, think epic fantasy oil paintings. Brian Lee – genius creator of Buntain Simpson. Jacob Ferguson – seriously psychedelic and intricate work. Lara Kaminoff – a cool lady and she's real good at illustration. Ellen Forney – she just gets it. I could keep going on and on!!

Mud Culture Kid has a different feel from your other comics, a more representational style, introspective narration. What prompted you to make this book?

Mud Culture Kid is the cumulation of all the introspection and thinking I did during my college years. It was a look back at high school, a look at growing up overseas, and a reflection on how I function as a traveler and third-culture-kid in the world. I think there's more work to do on this subject, but I felt it was a good start into a body of work that I intend to explore over the next few years as I mature and continue to grow and shape my world view. Autobiographical comics are enjoyable for me because I have so many unusual experiences to draw from – and I like to combine those experiences of growing up overseas with my love for magical realism. There's a lot of interesting things to create and explore there.

Can you give us a sneak peek at anything you are currently working on?

Sure! I've got a collection of comics I'm working on right now – It's called ARFY and it's a collection of comics that I started as daily strips at the end of last year. When I have enough of them, I'll start posting them online and compile them into print collections.

More of Hannah's work can be found on her site.


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