The Poor Patron - Donut Jam by Katya Bowser

The Poor Patron - Donut Jam by Katya Bowser


The Poor Patron is a project meant to loosen the everyday strictures of the client/artist relationship. The artist is welcomed to create work based on any MarninSaylor themes or imagery with no creative input, due within a "when it's done" deadline.

We are pleased to offer prints of our Poor Patron collaborations. This is the tenth in the series, titled Donut Jam by California artist Katya Bowser. With this poster you can relive all of your best Donut Jam high scores (or just dream about how many high scores you will get in the future when we make Donut Jam a real game)!

This art is printed on high-quality, heavyweight, matte, archival paper, and measures 13"x19". Sold unframed, shipped rolled. Half the proceeds from the sale of these prints go directly to the artist. 

Be sure to read our interview with Katya below.


Anyone who, like us, grew up in the cartoon golden age of 90s Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network can tell you about the immense impact of being inundated with incredible animation at a very young age. We millennials might be restless, unfocused dreamers, but our dreams are shot in fervent, fluorescent technicolor, populated by droves of surreal and charmingly morbid creatures. Perhaps we here at MarninSaylor can trace the origins of the Donut Cat back to those halcyon days, dreaming on the floor next to the television. Regardless, Katya Bowser is an illustrator/animator/comic artist who knows well the draw and power of the cartoon medium. She too grew up in the 90s and began writing and illustrating stories as a young teen, doubtless inspired by that heyday of animation. Today she resides in California where she works on a wide range of projects, from personal stories to commercial illustration jobs. Read our interview with her below, and enjoy her adorable video game inspired poster, Donut Jam!

You love story telling, right? Can you tell us about some of your earliest stories?

My earliest stories ... well, I think I started to consciously write stuff down when I was about twelve years old. I was really into superheroes so I would make my own additions to current stories. Like, I made up a super X-Men girl who had every mutant power possible. I also started creating my own superhero stories and drawing comics around that time. My favorite would have to be about a girl who could control shadows and could open portals to a shadow world. I may revive her someday! All of my early stories were always about Latina girls. There wasn't a lot of content that had them back then and I wanted stories that reflected me so I just made them up myself!

Which story tellers inspire you?

All kinds! I like and am inspired by so many different things. Recently I've been getting more into comics and I love the teams behind Marvel's Silk, Ms. Marvel, and Squirrel Girl; DC's Batgirl, Black Canary, Gotham Academy. And smaller comics like Adventure Time and Lumberjanes. And I say 'teams' because its not just the writer that does all the heavy lifting. It's the combined efforts of the writers and the artists that make the storytelling strong, compelling, and entertaining. I'm also really into watching comedy TV shows like Brooklyn 99, Last Man On Earth, and Fresh Off The Boat; and animated shows like Harvey Beaks, Steven Universe, Bob's Burgers, and Spongebob Squarepants. My peers also really inspire me. Friends and fellow artists are really into putting out their own content and it's all been amazing. This kinda turned into a list of all of my favorite things ... but that IS where I get my inspiration! All the different stories being told in various categories of entertainment inspire me to create more.

You do animation and books and webcomics. What 'drew' (har, har) you to making so many types of work?

When I knew I wanted to become an artist my main focus was animation. I always loved it the most over everything, and I still do. Going to school for animation was so intensive and focused that animation became my life. After graduating I struggled to find my place in the animation world. In that time I was able to reflect and remember hey, you used to love comics and reading ... what happened with that? So I explored those options while still pursuing animation, and it just opened up a whole new world of storytelling to me! I learned that animation doesn't have to be my only outlet. There are so many ways I can tell the stories that are bursting out of me. It's been really great! I still have that desire and push to place my stamp on the animation world, but I also have a rekindled love for other types of entertainment. Overall, it's made me a stronger storyteller and artist!

Alright, last one - which do you like more: the original Donut Jam or Ms. Donut Jam?

Hmmm ... I'll go with Ms Donut Jam!!

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