The Poor Patron - Poodle Dog Donut Cat by Tripper Dungan

The Poor Patron - Poodle Dog Donut Cat by Tripper Dungan


The Poor Patron is a project meant to loosen the everyday strictures of the client/artist relationship. The artist is welcomed to create work based on any MarninSaylor themes or imagery with no creative input, due within a "when it's done" deadline.

We are pleased to offer prints of our Poor Patron collaborations. This is the seventh in the series, titled Poodle Dog Donut Cat by Portland artist Tripper Dungan. This piece features a vibrating pop-surrealistic poodle having a good time with a Mini Donut Cat.

This art is printed on high-quality, heavyweight, matte, archival paper, and measures 13"x19". Sold unframed, shipped rolled. Half the proceeds from the sale of these prints go directly to the artist.

Be sure to read our interview with Tripper below.


I know you make a lot of work and are always creating. How do you prepare for a new piece?

I do a lot of sketching. I'll look through my sketch pad and pick out the ones I like and look for pieces of wood that they'd work on or cut a new piece. I usually work in batches of seven to fifteen.

There is a lot of junk food in your painting.. Not to say you couldn’t make a jolly ham, but you lean towards donuts, hamburgers, hot dogs, tacos, ice cream, pizza. What is it about certain foods/animals/objects that brings you back to them?

I like to paint fun things. As far as the junk food goes, it’s the kind of food that’s made to already have character. I don't really eat ice cream, but it’s such a presentation. I honestly can't not paint it.

Is there anything you've been asked to paint but never would?

I've painted some questionable things. A friend of mine wanted me to paint a bunch of pigs at the last supper looking over a huge plate of ribs, and I did. He wanted to stir things up back in the Midwest where he was from. If it's something I don't want to paint, usually I will have a friend in mind that can do it better anyway.

What about your paintings attracts people to them? Is there a common thread connecting your fans?

I feel that my audience is pretty diverse but I think the colors and vintage influences help people let their guard down. Putting on the 3D glasses helps people be a part of something, even if it’s just for a moment, they get to join the experience instead of just looking.

How have the responsibilities of being a parent changed your workflow?

It is a lot more challenging to do anything when you have a kid (take for instance, answering these questions). I've become much harder working. I’ve had to put aside time to go outside of the house and to work in the studio. My daughter is a great filter, though. She's not going to tell me what I want to hear, and if I painted a dog and it looks a koala I'm going to find out. Drawing and making things with her is a blast, too.

How would you describe one of your paintings to a blind person?

If you can imagine how a pancake with eggs for eyes, a strawberry nose, and bacon lips tastes, that's what it looks like.

More of Tripper's work can be found on his site and on his flickr page.

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