Sprinkle Mini Donut Cat: Rainbow or Triple Chocolate

Sprinkle Mini Donut Cat: Rainbow or Triple Chocolate


Years ago we combined adorable pets and appetizing pastries into the first of our Pastry Pets™: the iconic Donut Cats and Mini Donut Cats. For a long time, we thought they couldn’t get much sweeter … until we added sprinkles! Now available for adoption are the first two flavors (yes, there will be more!) of our Sprinkle Mini Donut Cats, Rainbow and Triple Chocolate. 

Each is 4” across and made with love in our Seattle studio. We’ve handcrafted the smallest details on these for maximum cuteness - both flavors feature handstitched faces, handmade polymer clay sprinkles, and collectable hangtags. Whether they become your new travel buddies or simply find a comfy perch on your bookshelf or desk, it’s our hope that these little friends will remind you to always add sweetness and a smile into your day!

Made from fleece and eco-fi felt. Machine and hand sewn. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

These are handmade to order (right down to the sprinkles!), so please expect up to 7 business days' lead time before shipment.

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